Get the Volume of Your Dreams With Our Hair Filler Service

Hair Fillers 1LowResFavoured by A-listers the world over, Hair Fillers are the new must-have method of adding lasting volume to your locks, and we’re so excited to announce that the service is now available right here in our Cheltenham hair salon.

Perfect for adding natural looking body and bounce, hair fillers suit a range of styles and lengths; ideal for adding volume in areas where your hair may not be quite as thick as you like.

Whilst their chief purpose is to add bounce to your locks, they can also be used to add length (like classic hair extensions) or an entirely new style; helping you achieve the hair of your dreams.

Hair fillers are strands of natural hair that are expertly colour-matched and bonded to your own. Unlike classic hair extensions, hair fillers are applied in a finer amount in the areas you need it the most; meaning no extra tension is placed on the shaft of your hair. No thick, heavy hair pulling and damaging your own- just delicate strands expertly applied with keratin glue to give you an impressive volume boost that lasts for up to four months.

At Laura Leigh, our Hair Filler specialists Laura, Nadine and Jack are on hand to talk you through exactly what these volume-boosters can do for you. Our appointments start with a hair and scalp consultation, where we’ll assess the health and strength of your hair and exactly how hair fillers could benefit you, advising on the best style to go for. Then, we’ll source high-quality natural hair expertly matched to your colour and strand texture, and get to work bonding them to your hair to achieve the perfect look for you. Rest assured, you needn’t be stuck to the salon chair all day… our hair filler appointments can take as little as 1-2 hours, leaving you with plenty of time in the day to show off your big, bouncy new locks!

To book a hair filler consultation or to find out more, give the Front of House team a call on 01242 530598.

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