Discover Colour Correction at Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty

Portfolio_ColorCorrection_3Do you feel like your hair color is limp, lack-lustre or just looking a little flat? It could be time for you to discover our new Colour Correction service here at Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty – the perfect antidote when your hair isn’t feeling quite as vibrant as you are.

Our Colour Correction service doesn’t just look at ‘correcting’ hair colour that’s gone wrong- far from it- it looks at everything, from your colouring to your personal style, to establish the best possible hair colour for you.

Inspired by make-up techniques that ‘correct’ natural colouring, our Colour Correction service looks to ‘correct’ unwanted colours and enhance natural tones in your hair, reviving it to add shine, movement and life to complement your skin tone beautifully. Colour Correction works in three main ways to create the best possible hair colour for you:

Flash Luminiser – The remedy to add some serious shine to your locks, Flash Luminizer adds subtle golden tones to frame your face throughout front sections of the hair; lightening areas of the hair in the same way make-up highlighters add glistening touches of light to the face.

Reflect Luminiser– Brassiness and yellow tones are a common complaint, particularly amongst blondes or light brunettes. To counteract them, we’ll work to ‘neutralise’ any brassiness with cooler tones, calming down and unwanted yellowness to ensure your blonde is as cool as you are.

Colour Sculptor– Our remedy for flat, lifeless hair. Much in the same way that make-up contouring adds shape to the face, our colour sculptor technique adds impressive dimension to your hair by adding lighter and darker tones in particular sections, creating the illusion of body and movement in one fell swoop.

Interested in finding out more about our Colour Correction service? Give the Front of House team a call on 01242 530598 now to arrange a free consultation with one of our colour specialists.

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