Renew and Refresh with Yana this January

Renew and Refresh with Yana

We know everyone is saying it – ‘January blues?’, ‘Over did it at Christmas?’, ‘New Year, ‘New You?’ – and whilst we’re never ones to jump on the bandwagon, there’s a reason everyone’s saying it.

January is the perfect time to have a physical and mental detox and weigh up what’s important to you right now. As you can imagine, we have a few ideas to help!

In this months’ newsletter, we talk about Veganuary, exclusive client discounts with Laura’s new personal trainer and Cowley Manor’s C Side Spa – all great ways of having a fresh new start. Our blog though, is all about the wonder of Yana.

C Side Spa at Cowley Manor

C Side Spa at Cowley Manor

For a bit of a change, this one is also for the guys out there – our guinea pig this month was Elliott, and he used Yana for a month, and followed it up with a signature IMAGE peel, and this is what he made of it!


OK – so this is my ‘dear diary’ on Yana, the daily collagen shot ‘beauty liquid’ that’s stocked exclusively at Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty – AND my experience of a signature IMAGE peel – also exclusive to LL.

So first up, Yana.

Yana is made by the clever people in the States behind IMAGE skin-care. The founders of IMAGE, Janna Ronert (who unsurprisingly looks amazing) and husband Dr Marc Ronert are an aesthetician and plastic surgeon respectively. This stuff is HUGE in America, and is stocked in 52 countries around the world.

Yana is basically a surprisingly good tasting shot of collagen that’s fortified with peptides, ceramides, antioxidants and vitamins. It reminded me on Benylin which is no bad thing if you ask me (taste wise!).

Yana Daily Collagen Shots

Yana Daily Collagen Shots

I’m 31-year-old semi health-conscious male, who has a gym membership and knows what almond milk looks like. I’m half way to being a convert, granted. My partner is on that journey, but hasn’t put his socks on yet, so to speak. Which is important, because he noticed a difference in my skin.

Routine wise, it’s dead easy. Have a shot in the morning and glass of water. There are other ways of doing it, but to me I found this super simple and I always have a big glass of water first thing anyway. Didn’t miss a day – anyone can do it.

Results wise, it was gradual but noticeable. My partner as I say, commented in week 3 that I looked younger, and asked if I’d changed moisturiser (OK, so maybe I’m converted already but that’s not the point).

I noticed a definite improvement in tone, firmness and surprisingly oil control. I’m a pretty standard combination skin type, so between the improvement in moisture and firmness on my dry areas and the mattifying effect on the oily ones, I was a pretty happy bunny.

I’ve been the guinea pig for several trials of such things with different companies – (which I shouldn’t name considering my next statement) – but this one for me definitely showed results in the time frame it claimed.

It’s an investment piece at £99 for a bottle to last a month – but I assure you, it’s worth a go. And – if you book a course of IMAGE peels Laura will give you a months supply to enjoy free!

It’s a great New Years resolution if you ask me.

It makes you this happy guys - honest

It makes you this happy guys – honest


IMAGE Skin peels

So my next experiment, was to receive an IMAGE signature skin peel. These are performance treatments – not a namby-pamby spritz of rose here and tickle of geranium there one – so buckle up and expect some results.

I have relatively sensitive skin, particularly in my beard area, so opted for a relatively gentle treatment. The therapists at LL go through a really in-depth consultation with you to tailor the treatment – no one treatment is the same – and so we agreed this would be the way to go, but we’d see how I got on with the ‘tingle’ from the ‘peelers’.

Once taken downstairs in the salon, you can really see why ‘Spa in the City’ makes sense; it’s like a spa, but more urban, more edgy, and more Laura Leigh. I really like the grey tones downstairs in the beauty zone, and the treatment room itself is crisp and clean, elegant but not frilly and feminine. It works for guys as well as girls.

The treatment itself is a series of applications of what IMAGE call ‘peelers’ (i.e. the skin peeling agents) and ‘healers’ (i.e. the soothing moisturisers). The therapists talk you through each application, laying the products on your skin. With the peelers, each one being a different product to the last, from hyaluronic acids to stem-cell serums, the therapists check in with you to make sure the intensity doesn’t go over what you’re comfortable with. If it does, on go the healers; rich, creamy balms that have a great exotic scent.

With your first treatment, the LL team generously give you a starter pack of products, complete with Vital C (the big IMAGE product) and Max Repair – the stem cell cream, which you must use for 7 days after the treatment.

On walking out of the salon, I felt a million-bucks. Truly, I finally understood what a dewy complexion means. When I got home, I got another compliment from hubby to be and felt great. But, I knew what was coming – and that’s what I meant at the start when I said buckle up – this is about performance.

The team warn you that with these treatments, there will be results – first you skin will peel / shed before the fresh new cells are generated. They call it your ‘down day’ when this gets you, and it totally varies. For me, my skin was pretty dry and crumbly (like skin peel from suntan) around my mouth and cheeks. The product pack was to the rescue though – they really are amazing and so hydrating, they made me look normal in the day, and repaired by skin at night.

By the end of the week, I was more fresh-faced than ever and ready for more! It’s a great treatment and should be booked as a course. Check out the services on offer here – and remember, when a course is booked you’ll get a bottle of YANA free.


I’ll be booking in a course in the run up to my wedding this year, to look the best I can be – and chaps, have no fear – you’ll love it too.

IMAGE skin peels can be booked as part of a Spa in the City package – it’s a great gift to another, or to yourself. Especially as they include a lunch from the great Vinnie’s – our local Vegan restaurant, and will get you on the right track for Veganuary.

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