Holiday Hair Tips from Laura Leigh!

Summer portrait of a woman in a straw hatUnderestimating the damaging effect of the sun on our hair is something we are all guilty of. We wouldn’t dream of going out in the sun without wearing SPF, so why do we forget to protect our hair? The fact is, most of us are having too much fun while we enjoying the sunshine to make protecting our hair a priority. It is only when we return home with faded colour and a frizzy and frazzled texture that we realise there is a price to pay for that neglect. There are steps you can take, before, during and after your sun-soaked break. We happily reveal the best ways to protect and repair sun-damaged hair.

Embrace the sun

Don’t have your hair colour made lighter before a holiday. If you want sun-kissed lights, let the sun do its work for you. It can add a wonderful natural balayage effect to brunettes and dark blondes. But if you already love your colour and don’t want it to change, you need to cover up.

Hats on

If you have spent a lot of money having a hair colour that you love and it is already perfect, the last thing you want is to let your holiday ruin it. So don’t forget your hair SPF. It doesn’t have to be oil – it can be a light-as-air spray such as Kerastase Micro-voile spray. Just remember to spray it on your hair every two hours. Available in salon now! And you can always wear a super-stylish silk scarf or sun hat.

Shampoo sense

I’m always amazed that women pack their skincare but not their haircare when travelling, often relying on hotel shampoos and conditioners. These tend to be of pretty poor quality and will strip your colour and condition. Invest in a gentle shampoo to counteract the different water quality abroad and use a repair mask. Apply your conditioning mask before a day by the pool and let it sink in in the heat and humidity, then wash it off at the end of the day when you shower. You will then have made the heat, humidity and sun work for your hair, not against it.

Colour correction

If you do forget to look after your hair, don’t panic; just be honest with your colourist as they can help. Sometimes the sun is great for darker, thicker hair and can give you gorgeous Gisele tortoiseshell colour, but most often it bleaches and dehydrates and leaves hair in need of colour correction hair is porous, so it will lighten in the sun without even being near a pool or sea water. Along with the swimming pool, many holiday islands also have chlorinated and desalinated water in the shower and this can leave hair with a strange greenish tinge. Using a gentle shampoo should help counteract this, while your colourist can also remove the mineral metal deposits easily when they colour correct.

Repair the wear and tear

Woman at the swimming poolYou will also need to repair and rehydrate sun-damaged hair. L’Oréal Professionnel’s new Smartbond system is an in-salon treatment to repair the damaged sulphur bonds in your hair. Added to your colour and applied post-holiday, it will not only repair damage but also prevent hair breakage and make colour last longer. Available with any colour service for £15. For home use, invest in Smartbond conditioner apply it at least once a week.

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