Welcome back Luke!

LUKE-3-719df96d-e7b9-4996-b948-240c75b0e635We are delighted to welcome Style Director Luke back to the salon following his 6 month adventure across india.

Luke shares his story with us…

“I spent six months in India starting in Goa it was very easy to adjust to the beach lifestyle where I swam, ran and did yoga most days.
I ventured out of the comfort of the south Goan beaches and delved In to the real India and stopped off in Kerala for sometime where I did a 10 day vipassana.
My mother joined me for two months over new year, we travelled to Hampi, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and then to Rishikesh for the annual international yoga festival. Rishikesh is the home of yoga and I really fell in love with the practice here with some very strict but fun teachers. I continued up north do Dharamshala and did a Tushita course ‘an introduction to Buddhism’ where I met his holiness the Dalai Lama. After the course ended I hiked in the Himalayas in the snow. I met so many beautiful people and many other travellers, india is a very inspiring place, so much to see and I will definitely go back again.”

I hope to see you in the salon soon,

With Love
Luke x

LUKE-7-d69e106-815e-4570-92fb-58f56e5bf76dLuke joined Laura Leigh in 2016. Throughout his career his passion for hair, fashion and travel has taken him to Australia, Berlin and most recently to India where he began his Yoga training. Luke has returned to the salon on Thursday’s, Friday’s & Saturday’s, balancing his passion for hair with his love of Yoga, Reiki and travelling. Luke’s wealth of experience coupled with his unsurpassed expertise and warm demeanour ensures he knows exactly what to deliver when a client needs a full and detailed consultation to revitalise, change or simply maintain their signature look.

To find out more about Luke’s adventures book an appointment with our creative Style Director Call 01242 530598

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