Meet Our New L’Oreal Colour Specialist Mel White

Mel joined us in May bringing with her 24 years experience in the hairdressing industry.

After completing an NVQ level 2 in hairdressing Mel started her career as a stylist with the international company of Toni and Guy progressing quickly to style director level. During this time she spent time working with Toni & Guy in Cambridge and at their Knightsbridge salon London. Mel has participated in several industry competitions, photo shoots, and undertook many courses developing her own skills in advanced cutting techniques in London and Manchester.
Throughout her career Mel has continued to develop her knowledge and skills and is very proud to have been awarded the prestigious L’Oréal colour degree which is held by the most experienced colourists in the UK.

Mel shares her L’Oreal Colour degree experience with us:
“After hairdressing for 24 years, you think is there much more to know or learn? The L’Oreal colour specialist degree made me realise that there was. This is the highest colour qualification in the hairdressing industry involving an intensive training programme and advanced practical and technical examinations.
This is a degree that teaches you the science behind hair colour but also how to target and guarantee the best colour results. I have learned how hair gets it colour, how our body’s can change our hair, which technique and which products work best with different hair types and of course the all allusive DOP.
DOP (distribution of pigment) is what actually changes all our hair colours
I spent weeks learning how so many factors can change and influence not only of your colour choice but also the colour results.
Weekly tests, entrance exams, a portfolio that’s so thick it needs its own shelf in a library help to make sure as a colour specialist you know all you can to give you the client the best colour service possible.
It was an amazing experience and I can safely say I have learnt more than I could ever imagine about colouring.

As a client you can also benefit from my Colour Specialist knowledge. Ask your self the following questions:
Does your hair fade?
Is your hair not 100% even?
Are you thinking of a complete colour change?
Do you feel like you never get the results you want?
Do your highlights always turn yellow?
Do you feel like your current hairdresser doesn’t understand?
That’s where I step in, all of those things are my top priority making sure that you get everything you could want from your colour appointment at Laura Leigh.
It’s my goal to help you get the best results from your colour appointment whilst keeping your hair in a premium condition.
If you need my advice and would like to discuss ideas or even a total change, call our helpful front of house team to book your complimentary consultation today”

I hope to see you soon,
Mel x

To welcome Mel to the team we are offering you £10 off your next colour service.

Use the offer code Mel10 at reception checkout

This offer is valid with Mel until 29th September 2018

All enquiries 01242 530598

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