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The pre-holiday panic is real. Wrapping up loose ends at work, trying to pack and frantically rushing around buying sun cream are just a few of the stresses that can make the days leading up to take-off all the more turbulent. However, making time for some pre-holiday pampering needn’t be one of them. To make it easier we have an amazing 3 for offer on waxing!

To get the best results and to achieve silky soft skin, you need to prepare it pre-wax. You need to have some hair or stubble (anything longer than about 2mm should do it) so that the wax has something to cling on to. Don’t worry about your hair being too long – we can always trim it during the appointment so that everything will be in proportion by the time we’ve finished. Skin sensitivity is heightened just before and during your period so you might want to avoid this time.We pride ourselves on being able to perform virtually pain-free waxes, however it really does depend on your pain threshold. We use premium quality Lycon wax. Our therapists are trained to stretch the skin and position your body in an effort to minimize the pain. If you are particularly sensitive you could take some pain relief before your appointment.
Getting your bikini line waxed for the first time can be somewhat intimidating but our therapists are true professionals; they specialize in intimate hair removal and know all the tips and tricks to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.
We recommend wearing loose clothing and cotton undies so that the freshly waxed area isn’t irritated, and for 24 hours after your wax we advise clients to avoid anything that makes you too sweaty. Avoid very hot baths  or showers as these can anger sensitized skin – ouch! Skin reactions after a bikini wax depend on your skin type and can really vary. Our therapists can discuss preventative methods when you come in for your appointment. Your wax will generally last 4-6 weeks and we sell a range of products to protect against dryness and ingrown hairs. Shaving is the enemy – If you want to remain hair-free for as long as possible, you really should grow the hair for three to four weeks before getting waxed. That means NO shaving in between – if you don’t let it grow long enough then not only will it potentially hurt more when you’re being waxed, but you won’t get a smooth finish, and the hair will start to grow back before you know it.

All of our therapists are trained the same high level so you can relax & feel confident with any of the team!
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