Summer Beauty Sale: Save £5 on ANY St Tropez Spray Tan! 

A st. Tropez Spray Tan gives you a flawless natural looking tan all year round! Choose from St. Tropez Original, St. Tropez Express or our Luxury tan St. Tropez Luxe Oil Mist.

Save £5 on ANY St Tropez Spray Tan, offer valid until 31st August 2019.

We asked Nicole our spray tan queen for her quick and easy tips to make the most of your spray tan.

  • If possible start your prep early! This is especially important if you want your spray tan to last – careful planning can help you maintain that glow for an extra 3 or 4 days. Nicole recommends using an oil free exfoliator the day before your tan.
  • Continuing on the same theme… book your spray tan for at least 24 hours after any waxing appointments. You need to give your skin time to calm down and allow your pores to close, this will mean you tan goes on more evenly and you shouldn’t get any dark ‘pin prick’ marks around the hair follicle.
  • You might be tempted to slather on the moisturiser before you get a spray tan (minimising dry areas does help your tan develop more evenly) but you need to refrain from using any moisturiser or body oil for the 24 hours before your spray tan. Traces of these products on your skin can affect the amount of tan that reaches your skin and leave you looking patchy!
  • Now we look at what you can do post tan…. If you’re going on holiday try to find an oil free sun cream. Oil is not a friend to your tan as it can break down the DHA that we use in the tanning solution, causing it to fade quicker.
  • Avoid shower gels that have citric acid in them as they can make your tan fade quicker. Lemons and limes (which contain citric acid) are often recommended to help fix tanning disasters as the acid works to remove the colour from the skin.
  • Be careful how you sleep… ever had a spray tan and woken up with orange palms? You may not realise it but lots of people sleep with their hands between their thighs or on their stomachs… we sweat a lot in our sleep and this can mean that the tan transfers to the hands and continues to develop over night!

If this has got you yearning for a summer glow, why not book a spray tan today – you can save £5 on the cost of of a full body spray tan when you mention this email (you will get your full body spray for the price £25, rather than the regular price of £30 when you mention this discount at checkout) 01242 530598

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