Introducing our latest colour obsession ‘Nude Ombre’

Forget bright highlights & rainbow colours, this year is all about soft nude blended shades.

If you’re an avid nude-lipstick or nail polish wearer, and are looking for a hair colour to match, this natural-looking trend might just convince you to book your next colour appointment. From balmy vanilla tones to shiny matte brunettes.

Nude Ombré is the low-maintenance shade all the A-listers and influencers are loving. Instead of bold colours or contrasts, natural colours are the ones in demand. Whether blonde, brunette or somewhere in between – this look takes your natural hair colour as the focus. Techniques such as ‘Balayage & Gloss Smudging’ or ‘Micro Balayage’ are the techniques to create this look – ones that enhance your natural base by adding depth with subtle highlights and/or low-lights.

Nude hair is not only a super natural alternative, but it is low maintenance. Regular colouring is rarely necessary and the health of the hair can recover quicker through these more gentle colouring methods.

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