Worried about excess hair on your brush, clothes or in the shower? Introducing a new hair fall solution for women ‘Kérastase Genesis’

Currently, a major hair concern among women is not one of the usual suspects like dryness or damage. It’s hair-fall. When women search for solutions, they see medical products, mostly dedicated to men first. Kérastase is now addressing the issue head on with a new range of products designed to help combat dual causes of hair-fall.

Why do women experience hair fall?

Either strands are lost from the root as part of the hair cycling process, or can break off mid-shaft, due to external stressors and styling habits. Both processes reduce the number of strands and devitalise the hair overall.

Natural Fall – Each individual hair follicle has its own natural growth cycle. At the end of this cycle the bulb becomes progressively detached from the scalp and hair falls out in the shower, on your brush or on your clothes.

Fall from breakage – External factors and daily stressors such as heat-styling and environmental pollution can cause the fibre to weaken. Hair breaks off in the middle, creating thinner, weaker hair overall. With breakage, the hair is still growing from the bulb, but daily exposure to external aggressors can trigger inflammation at the follicle as well.

What triggers hair fall?

Styling tools – Heat styling causes dryness and weakens the hair shaft, leading to an increased rate of breakage that causes hair to fall and feel thin.
Pollution & weather – External seasonal and environmental factors such as pollution and UV rays can affect hair-fall.
Stress – Studies have shown a direct link between stress and some types of hair-fall – the good news is that this can often be reversible.
Hormonal changes –  Hormonal changes can lead to an altered hair renewal process.
Diet – A restrictive diet or overload of certain vitamins and supplements in extreme cases has been linked to hair-fall.

Genesis is the first range by Kérastase to treat both kinds of hair-fall – at the root and from fiber breakage, for all women, in all lifestyles, with any degree of hair fall. All women go through periods in life where they experience increased levels of hair-fall. Take action and give your hair the care it needs with Genesis. Genesis addresses two of the causes of hair-fall; Hair falling due to stress on the hair fibre & Hair falling from the mid-lengths due to breakage.

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