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The secret ‘non-surgical facelift’ facial that has Kim Kardashian, Sadie Frost, and Jennifer Lopez addicted (and it costs as little as £55)

  • Kim Kardashian shared a snap as she got the ‘non-surgical face lift’ on instagram
  • Caci facials are a red carpet secret and often replace fillers and Botox
  • Uses electric currents to stimulate collagen production and is A list favourite 

How do CACI Facials work?

This clinically proven facial treatment has been working and improving for 25 years, it is a muscle lifting procedure that uses microcurrent technology to send out tiny electrical impulses helping to tone and soften facial expressions.

What sets CACI aside from other facials?

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Introducing our new L’Oreal 99% natural haircare


Join us on Monday 22nd October at 6.30pm – 7.30pm to discover more about our NEW vegan haircare range L’Oreal Source Essentielle

Enjoy a welcome drink & delicious treats from local health food café Kindness and Co, discover more about this fantastic new range from our guest speaker, Fiona Tremble and receive a luxury L’Oreal goodie bag

This event is free to attend but spaces are limited. Please contact Sam to confirm your attendance 01242 530598

or email info@lauraleighhairdressing.co.uk

An evening with HD Brows

YOU ARE INVITED TO AN EVENING WITH HD BROWS… Finding the perfect brow shape for you is more than just achieving your brow goals, it can transform your whole face. A flattering brow shape can lift the eye area, enhance your natural features and give a more youthful appearance. Whether you’re growing back overplucked arches or need to shape bushy brows here’s how to find your perfect brow shape.

Need some expert help in achieving the right brow shape? You are invited to meet our HD Brows experts at a one off exclusive event on Wednesday 24th October 2018 at 6.30pm – 8.30pm


The event is free to attend but there are limited spaces available please RSVP to Sam by 19th October 2018 info@lauraleighhairdressing.co.uk 01242 530598

Colour Specialist Nadine shares her 5 top tips for your coloured hair!

Tip 1. Condition as you color
Condition at every step of the colouring process, not just afterwards – that’s the mistake everyone makes. Next time you are in the salon ask your colourist to use L’Oreal Smart Bond when lifting or colouring your hair (you can use step 3 weekly at home) to rebuild the hair bonds before any coloring treatment, which gives the hair strength.

Tip 2. Give your hair a week off
Stay away from heat after coloring and don’t go straight back into styling, It really affects condition, texture and color. Hair is particularly sensitized afterwards, so styling it is like applying more heat on top of sunburn.

Tip 3. Don’t stress out wet hair
Hair is at its weakest when wet, so even tying your hair back adds stress and tension, causing it to break. Allowing hair to air-dry for just five to 10 minutes, resisting the urge to brush through, will let hair regain its strength.

Tip 4. Treat your hair consistently
There is no one miracle product that’s going to transform your hair. The key to beautiful hair is conditioning and treating on a regular basis. With styling, pollution and general wear and tear, hair is always in need of more moisture and protein, so ensure you apply a mask every few days.

Tip 5. Be savvy about shampoo
Use a quality shampoo and conditioner, I highly recommend Kerastase. We have a vast selection of products ask your colourist next time which would be the best one for you.
Avoid over-washing. Any color is super-delicate, so I recommend using dry shampoo whenever possible to extend time between washes.

I hope to see you in the salon soon,

Nadine x


Meet Our New L’Oreal Colour Specialist Mel White

Mel joined us in May bringing with her 24 years experience in the hairdressing industry.

After completing an NVQ level 2 in hairdressing Mel started her career as a stylist with the international company of Toni and Guy progressing quickly to style director level. During this time she spent time working with Toni & Guy in Cambridge and at their Knightsbridge salon London. Mel has participated in several industry competitions, photo shoots, and undertook many courses developing her own skills in advanced cutting techniques in London and Manchester.
Throughout her career Mel has continued to develop her knowledge and skills and is very proud to have been awarded the prestigious L’Oréal colour degree which is held by the most experienced colourists in the UK.

Mel shares her L’Oreal Colour degree experience with us:
“After hairdressing for 24 years, you think is there much more to know or learn? The L’Oreal colour specialist degree made me realise that there was. This is the highest colour qualification in the hairdressing industry involving an intensive training programme and advanced practical and technical examinations.
This is a degree that teaches you the science behind hair colour but also how to target and guarantee the best colour results. I have learned how hair gets it colour, how our body’s can change our hair, which technique and which products work best with different hair types and of course the all allusive DOP.
DOP (distribution of pigment) is what actually changes all our hair colours
I spent weeks learning how so many factors can change and influence not only of your colour choice but also the colour results.
Weekly tests, entrance exams, a portfolio that’s so thick it needs its own shelf in a library help to make sure as a colour specialist you know all you can to give you the client the best colour service possible.
It was an amazing experience and I can safely say I have learnt more than I could ever imagine about colouring.

As a client you can also benefit from my Colour Specialist knowledge. Ask your self the following questions:
Does your hair fade?
Is your hair not 100% even?
Are you thinking of a complete colour change?
Do you feel like you never get the results you want?
Do your highlights always turn yellow?
Do you feel like your current hairdresser doesn’t understand?
That’s where I step in, all of those things are my top priority making sure that you get everything you could want from your colour appointment at Laura Leigh.
It’s my goal to help you get the best results from your colour appointment whilst keeping your hair in a premium condition.
If you need my advice and would like to discuss ideas or even a total change, call our helpful front of house team to book your complimentary consultation today”

I hope to see you soon,
Mel x

To welcome Mel to the team we are offering you £10 off your next colour service.

Use the offer code Mel10 at reception checkout

This offer is valid with Mel until 29th September 2018

All enquiries 01242 530598

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Top Tips for Maintaining Blonde Hair from our colour specialists Nadine & Mel


Whether sandy, ash, honey or platinum, maintaining that perfect shade of blonde can prove to be a bit of a challenge. You may have invested both time and money in getting your hair beautifully blonde, but have you invested in maintaining your blonde locks once you left the salon? As well as the natural elements – such as pollution and sun – over styling and over processing your hair can leave it dry, brassy and prone to breakage. But by putting in a bit of time and effort, you can not only keep your blonde locks looking gorgeous, but also healthy and strong.

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 tips for maintaining your blonde hair at home.


Hydrate your hair

A lot of us out there have been striving to achieve that perfect shade of blonde – and we all know we put our hair through some hell to get it there! Bleaching/lifting the hair can be a harsh process, particularly if your hair is naturally a dark shade. Colouring the hair can strip the hair of natural oils and nutrients, which results in brittle, dry hair. By keeping your hair well hydrated, you’ll maintain the moisture level of your scalp and protect it against future processing and styling. Deep conditioning masks and treatments once to twice a week will help with hydration. We strongly suggest investing in a good quality hair mask and/or leave in conditioner to use at home – if you’re not sure which will be best for your hair type, visit us at the salon and we can help.

Shampoo your hair less often

After your hair has been lightened, wait at least two days before shampooing – this allows the colour to settle in properly. Try not to wash your hair daily after this, as excessive shampooing can remove the protective coating of natural oils and also strip the colour pigments. Aim to wash your hair 2-3 times per week – dry shampoo can help make this routine easier for those inbetween days.

Protect your hair from heat


Most of us are guilty of using heated styling tools on a regular basis, whether it be the hair-dryer, straightener or curler. If your hair has been lightened, your hair cuticles have likely been stripped of natural oils and nutrients – leaving your hair susceptible to breakage. When heat is added to this, it can really cause damage and dull your colour. Try and restrict your heat styling tool usage – give your hair a break every now and then, allowing it to dry naturally. On the occasions that you do use heated styling tools, invest in a quality heat protection cream or spray and ensure it is applied to each section of your hair beforehand. You’ll be surprised as to the difference it can make long term!

Tone, tone, tone!

If you want to keep that pretty shade of blonde that you left the salon with, you’ll need to invest in a good quality toner that you can use at home.  A toner will help to neutralize brassy yellow and orange tones on lightened hair – allowing for a more natural looking hair tone. The best toner for your locks will depend on your colour appointment and what type of finish you’re looking to achieve – this should be chosen with your hairstylist at the time of your appointment.


 Three quality products that we find work for many of our clients are:

 L’Oreal Silver Shampoo

Also known as “purple shampoo”, this fantastic shampoo contains a dark purple pigment which acts as anti-yellowing agent and counteracts brassy tones in the hair. It helps to neutralize strong yellow tones, resulting in a beautiful cool colour.

 L’Oreal Colour Corrector Conditioner

Another option for keeping brassy and yellow tones at bay is the L’Oreal Colour Corrector Conditioner. It works to protect blonde highlights from yellow tones, neutralizing them and leaving a pure, cool blonde.

The Kérastase Colour-Correcting Pen


This is an at-home “ink” treatment formulated to be mixed in with a mask for colour correction in between salon visits. Its violet formula is designed to combat brassiness in blonde hair.

Regularly trim your hair

Routine trims are essential for maintaining healthy blonde hair. A regular trim every 4-6 weeks will prevent the ends from splitting and help improve both the look and feel of your hair.

If you have any questions about which products to use to help maintain your blonde locks, our colourists are more than happy to help. To book a complimentary consultation for product or hair colour advice call 01242 530598


Meet The Team: New Stylist Saffi



We love getting to know our clients when they come into the salon; it helps us to recommend the best styles to suit their personalities and lifestyles. But is there anything you’ve always wanted to know about your favourite Stylist or Colourist?

From common problems to top trend tips, find out more about our new Stylist Saffi!

1. Hairdressing for how long?

I’ve been hairdressing for 5 years; I trained with the international company Toni & Guy achieving my NVQ level 2 & 3 and advanced cutting technique diploma.

2. Specialism?

I love working with long hair, I love blowdrying.

3. Most common client problem?

Heat damage caused by hair straighteners and curling irons, this can be solved with a good heat protective product – Try Kerastase Ciment Thermique it’s a heat protective primer that smooths the hair, adds shine and prevents breakage.

4. Your one piece of advice for clients thinking of changing their style?

Choose something that you will be able to manage yourself at home. I will be able to advise on the best style to suit you

5. Top trends this season?

Long heavy layers, fully bouncy blowdries, textured bobs and festival braids!

6. Your hair routine?

I like to wear my hair textured and un-done I usually use a L’Oreal sea salt spray to give my hair a ‘lived in’ texture

7. Claim to fame? 

I won an award for styling and blowdrying in a national competition in London.

8. The best thing about working at Laura Leigh?

The salon is such an inspiring environment, I love the buzz of the salon atmosphere, the team are lovely and we have lovely clients.

9. Favourite product/service?

I love La Brasiliana, it’s a hair smoothing system that lasts for up to 3 months, helping to eliminate frizz and making the hair easier to blowdry.

To book in with Saffi, please call the salon on 01242 530598 

Meet The Team: Style Director Mel!



We love getting to know our clients when they come into the salon; it helps us to recommend the best styles to suit their personalities and lifestyles. But is there anything you’ve always wanted to know about your favourite Stylist or Colourist?

From common problems to top trend tips, find out more about our new Style Director Mel!

  1. Hairdressing for how long?
    I’ve been hairdressing for over 20 years; I trained with the international company Toni & Guy.
  2. Specialism?
    I am a L’Oreal colour specialist but I work with both to create the perfect look for my clients.
  3. Most common client problem?
    Hair breakage and colour fade, which can be solved with a good product prescription – Kerastase, of course – Try a reconstructive treatment like Smart-Fusio and a great hair cut.
  4. Your one piece of advice for clients thinking of changing their style?
    Book a complimentary consultation with me, we can discuss the latest trends, colour and style ideas and we will create a bespoke look for you
  5. Top trends this season?
    Soft Balayage, long textured layers and fringes.
  6. Your hair routine?
    I have naturally curly hair so I use Kerastase Nutritive shampoo and hair mask every wash. I also apply a L’Oreal smart bond treatment once a week to protect and strengthen my coloured hair. I apply a heat protective product by Kerastase before blowdrying and my favourite finishing product is serum therapiste by Kerastase.
  7. Claim to fame? I’ve worked backstage at London Fashion Week, as well as high profile competitions and photo shoots.
  8. Tell us something most people don’t know about you. I am a fully qualified beauty therapist specialising in holistic therapies with a qualification in reflexology
  9. The best thing about working at Laura Leigh? The salon environment, friendly professional team and lovely clients. The job satisfaction I get is incredible; making people smile and feel great is pretty special.
  10. Favourite product/service? L’Oreal Smartbond: SMARTBOND is our new hair service that protects the hair for stronger hair fibre during lightening and colouring services.

To book your next appointment with Mel, please call the salon on 01242 530598



Holiday Hair Tips from Laura Leigh!

Summer portrait of a woman in a straw hatUnderestimating the damaging effect of the sun on our hair is something we are all guilty of. We wouldn’t dream of going out in the sun without wearing SPF, so why do we forget to protect our hair? The fact is, most of us are having too much fun while we enjoying the sunshine to make protecting our hair a priority. It is only when we return home with faded colour and a frizzy and frazzled texture that we realise there is a price to pay for that neglect. There are steps you can take, before, during and after your sun-soaked break. We happily reveal the best ways to protect and repair sun-damaged hair.

Embrace the sun

Don’t have your hair colour made lighter before a holiday. If you want sun-kissed lights, let the sun do its work for you. It can add a wonderful natural balayage effect to brunettes and dark blondes. But if you already love your colour and don’t want it to change, you need to cover up.

Hats on

If you have spent a lot of money having a hair colour that you love and it is already perfect, the last thing you want is to let your holiday ruin it. So don’t forget your hair SPF. It doesn’t have to be oil – it can be a light-as-air spray such as Kerastase Micro-voile spray. Just remember to spray it on your hair every two hours. Available in salon now! And you can always wear a super-stylish silk scarf or sun hat.

Shampoo sense

I’m always amazed that women pack their skincare but not their haircare when travelling, often relying on hotel shampoos and conditioners. These tend to be of pretty poor quality and will strip your colour and condition. Invest in a gentle shampoo to counteract the different water quality abroad and use a repair mask. Apply your conditioning mask before a day by the pool and let it sink in in the heat and humidity, then wash it off at the end of the day when you shower. You will then have made the heat, humidity and sun work for your hair, not against it.

Colour correction

If you do forget to look after your hair, don’t panic; just be honest with your colourist as they can help. Sometimes the sun is great for darker, thicker hair and can give you gorgeous Gisele tortoiseshell colour, but most often it bleaches and dehydrates and leaves hair in need of colour correction hair is porous, so it will lighten in the sun without even being near a pool or sea water. Along with the swimming pool, many holiday islands also have chlorinated and desalinated water in the shower and this can leave hair with a strange greenish tinge. Using a gentle shampoo should help counteract this, while your colourist can also remove the mineral metal deposits easily when they colour correct.

Repair the wear and tear

Woman at the swimming poolYou will also need to repair and rehydrate sun-damaged hair. L’Oréal Professionnel’s new Smartbond system is an in-salon treatment to repair the damaged sulphur bonds in your hair. Added to your colour and applied post-holiday, it will not only repair damage but also prevent hair breakage and make colour last longer. Available with any colour service for £15. For home use, invest in Smartbond conditioner apply it at least once a week.

For more advice or to book an appointment call the front of house team today 01242 530598 or book online www.lauraleighhairdressing.co.uk

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